Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Two Month Old

You know how you've always heard that mothers know what their baby's cries mean? Well I have learned what Shane's "tired cry" sounds like and what his "hungry cry" sounds like, and today I learned a new cry... I learned what his "pain cry" sounds like. It's the saddest one. 

He woke up this morning a super smiley dude, cooing and smiling at everything I did. And then I ruined it all by taking him to his 2 month appointment to get shots.  He's pretty much been crying every waking moment since. The rest of the day he's been looking up at me with puppy dog eyes as if I betrayed him.  I'm the worst. 

In other news, I got Shane's stats today at his appointment. Our big guy is:
-24 inches long (79th percentile)
-13 lb. 11oz. (I think he said 89th percentile)
-Head circumference: 86th percentile. 
.... Basically he's growing like a weed. 

 I just cannot get enough of this boy. 

He is SUCH a chunk. 
But a handsome one.

 Seriously with this smile? It's too much. 

 He fell asleep with his hands up again. 

Happy 2 Months, my boy. Life is so happy with you around... and it's only getting better.

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  1. Haha! I seriously cannot get over how much he is starting to look like Luke! Also, I feel like he sleeps in "raise the roof" pose. Awesome :)

    So sorry he had to have shots, but he won't remember a thing if that helps?